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Keep city pretty

In response to the letter “Guelph is our ashtray” (Tribune, Dec. 19), I liked this letter, and I would like to add something also.

I lived in Egypt for 11 years, and I just came back six months ago.

For 11 years I walked, ran or biked surrounded by garbage. People did not know what to do with their garbage, because there was no easy system over there for organizing it. People put their garbage on the street, where dogs and cats try to open the bags to find food. They have a “garbage city” where people recycle the garbage with their hands to try to find things that they can sell to be able to eat. How bad is it?

When I came to live in Guelph, I was so happy because it was clean and I could run, walk and bike without hurting myself trying to avoid garbage. But after a few months I started to change my mind, and I ask myself what is going on with Canadian people.

Why they do such things as leaving a sofa on the side of the street or in the backyard of an apartment building, or in the woods, thinking somebody is going to take it? On Waterloo Street, a sofa has been there three weeks now. How bad is it?

What is going on with people who take a trolley from a shop, walk a ways with it and leave it at a bus stop? This week I was walking and saw four carts upside down at a bus stop on Willow. Sometimes you find a trolley three to four kilometres from the shop that owns it. How bad is it?

I like to walk, and Guelph is a beautiful place to walk. But why do I have to kick away the newspaper in a blue plastic bag, because the delivery people throw it on the middle of the sidewalk instead of delivering close to the door? It really bothers me that I have to kick or go around that bundle. How bad is it?

Are some people in this city too lazy to do the right thing? Come on, wake up, people, and keep our city clean.

France Rossiter

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