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Keep politics out of classrooms

I’m writing in regard to the teachers’ strike. I’m tired of hearing our grandkids come home and tell us all about the teachers’ ideas on this strike. They are teaching politics in Grades 4 and 6 and probably other grades.
Do they know that in a lot of families, there is only one person working at $10 an hour? These people are paying out their tax dollars for the ‘poor teachers.’
These ‘poor teachers’ get 2 1/2 months holiday from school. The rest of the ordinary people get two weeks holidays.
As far as I’m concerned, teachers, leave the politics for when you go to vote. Don’t teach our kids and grandkids politics. Leave that to the parents. It’s none of your concern. Don’t use our children as hostages. It’s like saying, “If we don’t get what we want, there goes your education.” It seems like blackmail.
Elizabeth Donald   Guelph

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