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Kudos for turnaround

I want to congratulate a city employee whose quick response to a suggestion was much appreciated. His name is Ken Mercer, a construction inspector.

Recently, while on a walk, I came upon a curb replacement project on Municipal Street. I inquired of the workers if an accessible curb was also going to be installed, as it is where the Royal City Trail meets Municipal Street. They said no, and that within the next hour they expected to complete the curb. I rushed home and was able to contact Ken. We talked over my suggestion. He said he would check with the traffic department to get their input.

Time was running out. But a short time later, Ken returned my call and said an accessible curb could be installed.

With just 10 minutes to spare, the plan was changed and we now have a great user-friendly accessible curb. All because one person took the time to actively listen, take an interest, and responded quickly to a citizen’s suggestion.

Gord Sloan, Guelph

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