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Lessons to be learned from London, Hamilton

This letter was originally sent to Mayor Karen Farbridge and members of Guelph city council.
I am a landlord, Guelph homeowner and life-long resident of Guelph. I am hoping you can take a few minutes to read the link below regarding the problems and financial burden on all property owners in London, Ont., with their rental licensing program.
The program is a failure and a major financial burden on all  taxpayers there and has been proven to not solve the
issues they are trying to address.
Also, in Hamilton, a similar
licensing program to the one that the City of Guelph is proposing was voted down there, because it would have not dealt with the issues they were trying to address.
Please consider the following:
• There are already existing mechanisms in place to deal with the problems we have with rental housing stock in Guelph. Let’s enforce the existing bylaws in Guelph and deal with problem landlords and problem
tenants and not punish the majority of good ones.
• Like any business, any extra fees will be passed on to tenants, many of whom cannot afford to pay higher rents.
• Licensing will not control disruptive behaviour of tenants. Increased fines should be given directly to the people who cause noise or show behavioural problems.
• Any taxpayers of Guelph (as in London) will not be interested in subsidizing this program, as city taxes are already very high.
• Landlords will decrease improvements to properties if they have to pay additional fees to the city. This is simple economics.
Let’s learn from London (and Hamilton) city council mistakes and improve
the tools we already have in place.
Aldo Martone

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