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Let’s all get along

Faced with a huge budget-deficit problem and a lot of international economic uncertainty, Queen’s Park needs to focus on solutions now that the province has a new premier.
The minority Liberal government requires some opposition support to do this. And for the moment it’s the NDP that seems more likely than the Progressive Conservatives to provide it. While the PCs were following in federal Conservative Party footsteps Sunday by quickly launching attack ads against a new Liberal leader, NDP leader Andrea Horwath issued a news release on the weekend that offered some hope of cooperation.
“Now, more than ever it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work on the challenges facing Ontario families . . . We need to take a constructive approach to create and protect good-paying jobs, improve health care and education, and take a balanced approach to balancing the books,” Horwath said in the release.
There have been widespread expectations of an election before the summer, but is this really in the best interests of Ontarians? Is it really too radical to suggest that what this province needs is a break from elections during 2013 and for MPPs to do their best to make good things happen at Queen’s Park this year? Before heading back to the polls, wouldn’t it be beneficial for citizens to see what their new premier can do in terms of taking the lead to fix Ontario’s problems?
Sandra Pupatello, who many people expected to win the Liberal leadership, is known as a political scrapper. She portrayed herself as someone who could handle the opposition parties and lead the Liberals to a fourth straight election victory. If she’d won, perhaps an election this year would have been inevitable. But Ontario’s new premier, Kathleen Wynne, is a trained mediator who presumably will have a less confrontational approach than Pupatello would have had as Liberal leader and Ontario’s premier.
After months of the legislature not sitting, it would be great to see our MPPs gather in a spirit of public service in three weeks or so.
Then they should shelve vicious politicking, let Ontarians get to know the person who has become Ontario’s first female premier, work hard to solve the province’s problems and put aside election thoughts for quite a while.

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