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Let’s get city buses rolling

Let’s hope Monday’s joint announcement that the two sides in the current transit lockout will meet this week is the beginning of the end of the Guelph Transit shutdown. Losing the buses is a huge loss for many of the most vulnerable members of our community. This was highlighted in media coverage of the first week of the lockout last week, and properly so. For a city council that in 2012 proudly approved “affordable” bus passes for low-income city residents, presiding over a transit stoppage has to hurt. Those half-price passes are useless for their holders if the buses aren’t rolling.
It seems city hall engineered the timing of a lockout to prevent the transit union from striking in September. A strike then, when transit use is twice what it is in July, would have seen political pressure applied “in an effort to force capitulation to union demands,” according to a city news release Friday. Most Guelph residents don’t want city hall to capitulate to unreasonably expensive union demands. But union officials haven’t been stressing wage increases in their public statements.
So there should be room for compromise. Let’s get a deal and get those buses back on the road!

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