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Platforms and policy, not personal attacks
I am interested to see that the latest batch of Conservative Party attack ads have been aimed at Andrew Seagram, the NDP candidate here in Guelph.
Attack ad ‘disgusting’
I have never felt the need to comment on articles in the paper . . . until now.

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Tuesday, August, 25, 2015 - 8:08:08 PM
Townhouses now proposed instead of condo "Please excuse autocorrect... above should be CANNOT be trusted"
Comment by greatday
Tuesday, August, 25, 2015 - 7:07:41 PM
Townhouses now proposed instead of condo "This is such a crock. An out of town development firm playing bully and his last quote just proves it. Do it our way or else. I will never buy anything this firm builds just on principle ... am pretty sure they can be trusted with the stance they ha"
Comment by greatday
Tuesday, August, 25, 2015 - 4:04:02 PM
Distracted driving fines get more severe "I hope the new rule concerning the pedestrian crossing will prompt the City of Guelph to review the timing of traffic lights. Under the present rules, if you are the third vehicle in cue, it can take 2 lights to clear the Neeve/Wellington intersectio"
Comment by justavoter
Larvicide program does the job
The effectiveness of the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Health Unit’s larviciding program (done three times annually in the summer) in Guelph’s storm sewer systems is, from my perspective/experience, maintaining its aim of preventing larval mosquitoes from maturing into adults thus reducing the number of mosquitoes.
Modern city includes cycling network
Ed Kurys’ July 30 letter proposes the city should only build off road trails because a) cyclists would be safer and b) Guelph has been been built around the automobile, and “market realities” in Guelph do not encourage the use of bikes as a means of transportation.
Upset by use of term ‘mentally ill’
The front page story of the July 28 edition of the Tribune about Guelph General Hospital adding extra security guards to patrol the ER department said they will be keeping an eye out for mentally ill patients.
Taxpayers on the hook for attempt to discredit group
It is with great regret that my husband and I were singled out by the Compliance Audit Committee (CAC) auditor to explain the role of GrassRoots Guelph (GRG) in the October 27, 2014 civic election.
Square redesign illogical
Discussion of the downtown revitalization is underway again. Now I am a big booster of Guelph’s downtown, as I work there and shop there. I really like the new city hall and the water pad, as well as the angled parking.
Keep Niska Road area beautiful
My family and I moved to Niska Road 49 years ago. At that time we could walk with our children along Niska down to the Speed River to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of the land and the conservation area, including the Speed River Valleylands.
Local taxpayers pay price for development-bias at OMB
Samantha Beattie’s summary of the meeting between the Anglican Diocese of Niagara and the McElderry Community Group (July 28) highlights the challenges faced by community groups in trying to protect their neighbourhoods from inappropriate development.
Selling Hydro One short sighted
It is a very shortsighted idea to sell off any part of Hydro One.
Writer’s idea of cycling risk is flawed
I wish to respond to the letter “More Risks for Cyclist” from the July 30 Tribune.
Conservation lands deserve protection
Our forefathers had the insight to preserve this land by the Speed River as conservation land.
More risks for cyclists
In the United States, the number of fatalities of cyclists is almost twice as much as is warranted by their numbers of trips, according to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center.
Turn page on robocalls
Justice Minister Peter MacKay was guest speaker at a breakfast for Conservative candidate Gloria Kovach at Joint Cafe on July 16 with 50 supporters in attendance.
Questioning the numbers
I just received Mr. Lloyd Longfield’s glossy brochure. It boasts that the Liberals “will lower taxes on middle-class Canadians by seven per cent.”
Outraged by tax hikes
Bike-lane recommendation goes against city master plan
City staff has recommended that bike lanes not be included in the rebuilding of Speedvale Avenue East between Riverview Drive and Manhattan Court.
Church teamwork sets a great example
Thank you for Samantha Beattie’s heartwarming article on the collaboration between Westminster-St. Paul’s and Third Day Worship Churches.
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