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Guelph is not Toronto
Dear Editor: I recently received a robocall from Councillor Cam Guthrie.
Why the lack of concern about coyotes?
Dear Editor: While glancing through the Guelph Tribune I was surprised to see a letter about a coyote in the Guelph city limits (Tribune, Aug.12).
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Wednesday, August, 27, 2014 - 9:09:35 PM
Guelph is not Toronto "let's put the taxpayer first...sounds good to me"
Comment by george gary carere
Tuesday, August, 26, 2014 - 3:03:50 PM
Guelph is not Toronto "Yes, he sounds an awful lot like Rob Ford. Toronto's experience shows that one Rob Ford is more than enough."
Comment by Tim Allman
Monday, August, 25, 2014 - 2:02:49 PM
Seventh hat in ring "Wow, does this guy ever need a dose of reality! He sounds like Stephen Harper -- discredited ideology trumps facts every time."
Comment by Tim Allman
Letter to the editor: Etiquette expectations not same across board
I am responding to Mr. Evan Supple’s letter, “Restaurant dress code perpetuates inequality” (Tribune, Aug. 14).
Letter to the editor: In search of photos
In 2002, the book Heroes of the Albert Medal was published, covering the 250 military recipients of the medal.
Letter to the editor: St. George's Square plans don't work on many levels
Why is there such constant unrest about the configuration of St. George’s Square?
Letter to the editor: Make Guelph better place by cleaning up medians
As I was reading your Guest Editorial ­– Making Guelph a Better Place (Tribune, Aug. 12), I was thinking about some desperate eyesore conditions of some local street corners that I travel on almost every day.
Letter to the editor: Restaurant dresscode perpetuates inequality
About halfway through lunch last Friday, someone who appeared to be the manager of Buon Gusto approached me and said the restaurant has a “no-tank-top policy” and to please put my cardigan on.
Letter to the editor: City hall wastes money yet locks out employees
I would like to extend a sincere welcome back to the Guelph Transit workers!
Warning about coyote hits too close to home
Dear Editor: I couldn’t help but be moved by Dave Quinn’s letter about a coyote prowling in the east end of Guelph (Tribune, July 31).
Free transit for one week not enough
Dear Editor: The bus lockout has affected me greatly. I have written to the city a few times now without any response, so thought I’d share my thoughts.
Lost and found in park
Dear EditorL I want to extend my gratitude to the thoughtful, anonymous person who found my prescription glasses in Preservation Park and put them up on a post for me to find.
Privatization not a good idea
Dear Editor:In response to Robert G. Crook, saying that Guelph Transit should be privatized (Tribune, July 19), I don’t know where he gets the idea that a private corporation could do better in providing a transit system for Guelph.
Cleanup a community effort
Dear Editor: I am the organizer of the first Adopt Niska Road cleanup initiative.
Locomotive restoration all for naught?
Dear Editor: With the multi-year restoration of Locomotive 6167 now on display on Farquhar Street (Tribune, July 24), one item that has been a cause for concern for many Guelph residents recently is the lack of a fence around the locomotive.
Leave Quarrie out of city hall mess
Dear Editor: As a citizen and former Ward 2 councillor (from 2003-2006), I am disgusted by part of the public City of Guelph apology approved by nine current city councillors at the July 14 council meeting regarding the costs of the new city hall.
East enders should know coyote prowling for prey
Dear Editor: You may be interested to know that a coyote has been seen in the Grange Hill area this past week.
Canada geese ruining park as playground experience
Dear Editor: Our son and daughter-in-law came to Guelph to visit yesterday with our two grandchildren, one 17 months old and one six weeks old.
Locked out transit workers being bullied by city hall
Dear Editor: The unionized workers at Guelph Transit are not being treated fairly by city hall.
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