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Responsibility skirted
I have to say I heartily agree with Cam Guthrie’s words on Ms. Farbridge's "apology" (Tribune, July 17).
Chance for change
Dear editor: The announcement that Chief Bryan Larkin of the Guelph Police Service (GPS) is decamping for Waterloo presents an opportunity for a change for the better.
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Tuesday, July, 22, 2014 - 10:10:03 PM
Mayor responds to Guthrie salvo "Guthrie, Furfaro and Hellemond are very irresponsible in undermining the city's position before damages have been assessed and a decision on appeal has been made. They just may have upped the bill and made an appeal more difficult. Shame."
Comment by Tim Allman
Tuesday, July, 22, 2014 - 10:10:23 PM
Bus drivers locked out "Why lock them out? Why not wait for a strike or for negotiations to go somewhere? Perhaps the answer is that the city saves money as long as they are not paying their employees and the sooner the better. The employees and the riders don't matter."
Comment by Tim Allman
Saturday, July, 12, 2014 - 3:03:02 PM
Guest Editorial: Making Guelph a Better Place "Yes! And support your local Arts Council! As Astero says "arts improve a community's well-being.""
Comment by Pandora
Headache on Huron
Dear editor: I live on Huron Street, and every year during Festival Italiano I get more disgusted with the people who attend this festival, get drunk and think it is okay to urinate on my and everyone else's property in the neighbourhood.
Lessons about sharing lost at Market Square
Dear editor: We spent this morning (Friday, July 11) at the splash pad in Market Square. It’s a favourite summer hangout for our family, and we’re trying to go at least once a week all summer.
Call before you dig great in theory but . . .
Dear Editor: I was both amused and annoyed when I read the recent plea from city hall asking that we don’t start excavations on our property without first calling to make sure we know where all the gas, water and phone lines are located (Tribune, July 1).
We're in good hands
Liana Price sent the Trib this photo of her 5-year-old grandson Jaxtin Fountain looking out over the city from the Church of Our Lady.
Foes of Guelph Transit ads should respond with their own
Dear Editor: I am responding to a recent article regarding the controversial Guelph Transit ads paid for by Guelph and Area Right to Life (Tribune July 1).
Short, long-term thinking key to the future of Guelph
Dear Editor: Peter Zess (Tribune letters, June 30) lauds common sense, citing some recent issues. I feel Guelph has also benefited from a rarer sense – the wisdom to balance short- and long-term thinking.
Commuter challenge for members of city council
Dear editor: I am running for city council. In preparation, I started attending city council meetings last year. I also gave up driving in favour of taking public transit.
Inspiring bit of business
Dear editor: When my husband fell a few weeks ago, causing an injury requiring surgery, there was gratifying support from family, friends and neighbours.
City is leading by example
Dear editor: I work for the company that makes Fiesta.
Garbage In Garbage Out?
Dear editor: Way back in the ’60s when computerization of data gathering and analysis was nascent, the acronym GIGO was coined.
OPP targetting speeders misses mark
Dear Editor: Today I read an article that stated: “OPP officers laid nearly 300,000 speeding charges across the province in 2013.
Majority government not a relief for some
Dear Editor: No doubt the majority government is a huge relief for Liz Sandals and the Ontario Liberal party (Tribune, June 17).
Glad buses out of square
Dear Editor: In response to Brian McMullens letter to the editor (Tribune, June 19), I find it incredible that anyone would want the buses back in St. George’s Square.
Guelph Gryphon statue
Online chat about Gryphon statue
The unveiling of the University of Guelph’s newest piece of art was not without a little controversy.
City sidewalks marked, now it is time to fix them
Dear Editor: For the last three years, someone from the city works department has come along Candlewood Drive and spray-painted orange paint on all the raised edges of the sidewalks.
Help core businesses, get buses back in square
Dear Editor: When the city held its recent preview of plans for St. George’s Square, the public once again rose up with complaints and business owners with concerns about further loss of business (Tribune, June 5).
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