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Seeing is believing, Coun. Guthrie

Coun. Cam Guthrie is opposed to a new main library (Tribune, Nov. 28).

There may be many reasons he is against it: One, he does not know how to read.

Two, he owns a bookstore and can read any book between sales.

Three, he is on council and he can request any book he wants and the city will supply it.

Four, he does not know where the present main library is.

For non-handicapped persons, the washrooms are in the basement down the stairs.

One stall and one urinal for the men.

I don’t know for the other sex.

For the handicapped, there is one facility upstairs behind the children’s area. To reach it, you have to find your way through the maze behind the shelf area to the book elevator. The elevator was never designed for human use. It is the slowest lift in town.

I suggest that Guthrie go to the main library and explore the shortcomings for himself, so he can change his mind. Also keep in mind that the Norfolk Home for seniors is just down the road, and all around many seniors with walkers or wheelchairs live.

Hans Schepers

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