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Library thinking wrong

In response to CEO Kitty Pope’s call for a new downtown mega library (Tribune, Aug. 12), I propose a major expansion of the north end Bullfrog Mall branch. All the services that she says the main branch provides are equally needed in our area of the city.
Our branch is tiny and overused. There is a major lack of shelf space for books and publications, no table space for work and study. The CD section is stacked so high and low that for many of us it is inaccessible. The few computers are crammed together with no space for privacy and not enough staff support,  and they are also overbooked.
A small corner is set aside for young children and is very limiting and often noisy. A few armchairs are gathered for reading, but no real space for ‘community’ gatherings and discussions.
There are many seniors in our area as well as numerous schools and high schools. Our branch is very inadequate to service these demographics.
Rather than pouring tens of millions of dollars into a downtown mega library which for most necessitates a car or transit downtown trip, a local branch encourages walkers, parents and strollers and bikes and helps build an engaged neighbourhood community. And as much as a new downtown library would be  ‘be good for business in Guelph,’ a newly expanded north end library would also be good for an ever-expanding and underserviced area of Guelph.
Let’s invest, at a much lower cost, in a ‘new’ north end branch library.
Judith Wilkins
Bullfrog Library User

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