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Life is a highway – not

For the past five weekends I have had the distinct displeasure of driving to Toronto and back.
I am tired of making the trip. Driving to T.O. on a Friday or Saturday and coming back on Sunday is a swell way to wreck a weekend. It is no fun battling congestion, construction and crazily aggressive drivers. Throw in this past weekend’s miserable weather and I’m pooched.
I know, I know, woe is me.
These treks, though, bring to light how tough Guelph commuters have it. I have done it for five weekends in a row. Commuters heading to the Greater Toronto Area do it five days a week, every week. They drive into the sun in the morning and into the sun at night. That’s when it is sunny. Throw rain, snow or sleet into the mix and I feel their pain.
I am not sure if I should admire them or feel sorry for them. Their daily travels require lots of stamina, patience and time. I have none of the above. Perhaps practice makes perfect.
Every time I come and go to the Big Smoke there are the inevitable stops and starts, sometimes for no apparent reason. Sometimes there are short stops. Other times, aggravatingly long stops. Most appalling are the traffic tie-ups due to rubber-neckers checking out accident scenes. Even if it’s flashing police lights and a cop stopping a speeder, everyone has to have a look-see.
I have also learned that it doesn’t matter when you leave. There are no off-hours on our highways and byways these days. You can fluke into a relatively easy drive one day. Try to match it the next and it’s gridlock all the way.
When the highway drive is over, you then have to drive in the City of Toronto. And I thought Guelph drivers are bad. In Toronto they’re aggressive and rude and, pardon the pun, they drive around as if saying, my way or the highway.
Particularly jarring is within a nanosecond of a light turning green, drivers in the car behind leaning on the horn urging me to get moving. This has happened to me several times recently and no, I am not slow taking off on green lights.
So, when I take the highway home I almost look forward to driving in Guelph. Sure, we have traffic snarls and have to wait a few light changes at certain intersections. However, all in all, it’s nothing compared with driving in the GTA. Actually, it’s kind of cute.
Meanwhile, to all you commuters, Godspeed. While I like to whine about more frequent trips to Toronto than I would like, you are the real road warriors.

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