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Live Free for youth

For many people, the idea of having to go without their morning coffee sounds like an ordeal. But many of those same people would be willing to give up their coffee for a day if they knew it could prevent a child from going hungry.
That’s the idea behind Live Free Day on Feb. 28. The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington wants people to give something up and donate the money they would normally spend on it to the Food and Friends program, which funds over 90 student nutrition programs in Guelph and Wellington and Dufferin counties.
The reason for the program is simple: Just as coffee drinkers don’t function well without their morning java, kids don’t learn as well without food in their bellies.
According to the Live Free website, $1.30 – about the price of a coffee – will provide a nutritious breakfast to one elementary student. Many people are sacrificing more. For example, Jason Clattenburg is giving up his bed and Guelph Symphony Orchestra conductor Judith Yan will give up car travel for a week, so kids can live free of hunger.
The token gestures are meaningful, but the dollars pledged will mean the most, as they put food in empty tummies. To donate, visit

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