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Locked out transit workers being bullied by city hall

The unionized workers at Guelph Transit are not being treated fairly by city hall.
They were willing to keep working and keep the bus system running and to come to a reasonable, fair new contract, as their old one had expired over a year ago.
They have not asked for a large increase in wages, but improved working conditions like washrooms and a place to have their lunch that was promised to them over two years ago. If there were enough drivers to fill all of the routes, they would not have to be doing all of the overtime. They have worked hard at having to deal with riders’ complaints about a system that does not work for a lot of them since it started in 2012.
This has been very hard on the transit workers and extremely difficult on the disabled poor, elderly and working poor.
Guelph city hall is being a big bad bully!
Doug Grove

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