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Lockout outrage

(A copy of this letter was sent to Mayor Karen Farbridge.)

I must say I am outraged at your decision once again, Madame Mayor, to lock out the transit drivers on Monday July 22.

As reported, after the union meeting on Sunday July 21 there was no talk of a lockout to the union. They had 160 drivers ready for work on Monday. A reporter had to inform the head of the union, Andrew Cleary, of the lockout.

I am at a loss to understand why you would throw more money at them when they never asked for it. Simply respect and what amounts to basic human needs. Proper washrooms and lunchrooms for the drivers.

These were originally included in the design of the new bus-train depot. You as mayor now have the possibly singular distinction of making history as the only mayor to lock out transit drivers. (Truth, not sarcasm.)

Please do not say again, “if we offer more money it will raise bus fares and taxes.”

Honestly, Madame Mayor, that is a scare tactic and beneath your intelligence! The 50% rebate for July begs the questions I would like you to answer, please.

I take the bus to purchase my bus pass, pay my bills, shop, go to my needed physiotherapy appointments, go for coffee, church, etc. How am I to take advantage of this if I choose to? (Truth, not sarcasm.)

Are you offering the rebate because you have decided there will be no bus service for the rest of July? (Truth, not sarcasm.)

In short, this man on ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) chooses to take the bus to go about his daily business and continue his quality of life!

Your decision to stand in my way of leading my life is reprehensible in the extreme.

Please, I implore you do better for the almost 8,000 transit riders. You simply must do far better for transit riders and drivers in actions – not words. Our drivers are proficient professionals, kind to the nth degree, and go above and beyond the call of duty.

Joe Longo

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