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MP owes Speaker an apology

A Saskatchewan newspaper recently published a letter sent to them by Guelph MP Frank Valeriote. The letter accuses MP Andrew Scheer of choosing to “make significant cuts to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency by voting in favour of the Conservative omnibus budget bill.”
The problem for Valeriote is that this did not happen. Scheer did not vote on this bill. Why? Because he is the Speaker of the House of Commons and only votes in the event of ties. This bill passed handily.
Canada has been fortunate over the years (compared – most notably – to some of our Commonwealth brethren) of benefiting from a continuous series of outstanding, non-partisan house speakers- both Conservative and Liberal. By all accounts Speaker Scheer continues this tradition.
I don’t profess to know the motivation for Valeriote to have such a factually incorrect letter published in the Speaker’s riding but this is a partisan attack on the integrity of the Speaker himself.
It is very disappointing that Guelph’s MP conducts himself in such a manner. I strongly suggest that Mr. Valeriote apologize to Scheer and send a retraction to the newspaper in question.
Marty Burke

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