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Neighbourhood coalition brews a winning formula

The Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition held its first annual general meeting recently and it was totally amazing. It has been a long time coming and it was a smooth sailing event.
What a great feeling being in a room of such wonderful people, so passionate about their neighbourhoods – eating cake alongside of community partners who are so willing to support community passions.
My hats off to the support group board of directors, especially co-chairs Erin Harvey and Debbie Gorman, who led this wonderful event along with all of the neighbourhood groups and agency partners for their support.
Special hats off to Brendan Johnson – executive director of the coalition, and Dan Evans, the group’s neighbourhood development supervisor. A year ago they were thrown into a witches’ brew of hearts, souls, struggles and woes. Yet, they are creating the most amazing pot of community soup that can be shared by anyone, no matter what your food preferences are or your status in life.
Mr. Rogers would be proud to know that it is a wonderful day in the neighbourhoods.
Barb McPhee

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