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No more dime store magazines

Waiting for Green Party leaders Elizabeth May and Mike Schreiner on Friday I wandered our lovely downtown. Too bad I left poorer for the experience.
I thought I would buy a New Yorker magazine. It has a profile of University of Guelph English professor Daniel Fischlin. The article, notes the U of G website, “discusses his work over the past decade to help authenticate the Sanders portrait, believed to be the only one of William Shakespeare painted while the playwright was alive.”
I haven’t read the article, as I am still reeling over the cost of the magazine. I sidled up to pay for it. How much? Nine dollars and five cents!
Yowzer, I thought to myself, no wonder print publications are bemoaning decreasing circulation numbers. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Few are buying printed matter, so publications hike the price to try and recover some costs. Because costs are so prohibitive, no one is buying. And around and around we go.
• • •
Breaking bread with Elizabeth May and Mike Schreiner turned out to be a relaxed event Friday at downtown’s The Joint restaurant. The media horde – three of us – enjoyed an amiable question and answer session.
If there us one thing I can say about the national and provincial Green party leaders, it is that they give politics a good name. No grandstanding and no over-the-top pronouncements.
Just two very nice people trying to do the right thing while being dwarfed by the larger parties.
Being on the outside looking in, Schreiner opined, “I would rather take the right road rather than the easy road.”
Now that is an understatement if ever there was one.
Meanwhile, last Friday had its share of coincidences. It just so happened May’s prescheduled rally here turned into a campaign launch. Very good timing indeed. Also, it was three years to the day after May became the Green party’s first elected Member of Parliament  – for Saanich-Gulf Islands.
And, are May and Schreiner two peas in a pod or what? They both share the same June 9 birthday.

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