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No parking on side streets can be good thing for some

Kiel Moreau’s lament over an abrupt loss of free parking on New Street strikes me as typical of the entitlement assumptions so common today (Tribune letters, March 27).  Unclear was whether Moreau’s actual residence is very nearby.
Even so, with factors like lack of a driveway, alternate shift work and a need for parking for over a year, surely he would have been better served addressing the issue earlier.  And yes, even paying a fee for a designated parking lot like the one at Arthur and Eramosa. That would be the responsible, adult action to take.
I’ve had cars parked across the end of our cul-de-sac, several autos of various vintage have been left diagonally in the middle of the road, some abandoned for hours with doors left wide open while owners “went for a walk” down the tracks. A long-bed trailer entirely blocked my lane for a full day last summer (by a local on-site building crew). One sorry mug left his half-ton with its nose into the embankment, right across my neighbour’s lane for five days one Christmas. We had it towed, and his sorry face in the pouring rain when the nasty truth dawned was a sight to behold.
Those are just the highlights. So Kiel, count yourself lucky, because you are probably the reason New Street was such an unplowable, icy-ditched mess this year.
No tears were shed, I’m guessing, when the locals saw that ticket on your car.
Robin Baird Lewis

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