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No-perfume policy is in order

Re: Take a bow River Run Centre staff (Tribune letters, Dec. 4)
I can relate to Dennis Brown’s concerns about the perfume during a performance at River Run.  I had my problems two years ago and haven’t been back since.
I had a seat in the middle of my row, and all was well until the late arrivers who sat in front of me arrived reeking of cheap perfume. Lights were out, and I politely sat through the first half.
Thinking the offender would smell less upon return from intermission, I didn’t move or request to be moved. The offender returned renewed of the offensive odour. Because I have an allergy to these odours, I became very ill before I even got home.
River Run might want to look at a no-perfume and cologne policy for attendees. I know I would attend more programs if that were the case.
Drue Signorelli
Editor’s Note: The River Run Centre advises theatre-goers on its ticket wallet and website, “In consideration of those who have allergies, please refrain from using perfume or cologne.” Said a River Run Centre spokesperson: “We ask our staff and volunteers to avoid perfume and other scents, and we encourage our patrons as much as possible. In the event that there’s an issue brought to our attention by patrons, we do our best to relocate them.”

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