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No stamp of approval

It defies logic that Canada Post thinks it can do better by slashing service and sharply raising the price of stamps.
The postal service has traditionally been seen as an essential service. There’s no doubt it’s less essential than it was in the days before email and other sorts of electronic communication. But it’s still very important.
In one fell swoop, by an announcement last Wednesday that reeks of desperation and also of disregard for its most loyal supporters – those who get door-to-door delivery – Canada Post has got people thinking about it in the past tense. It is creating hardship for those who have relied on door-to-door service, including the elderly, the handicapped and home-based businesses. Instead of trying to build on the widespread goodwill it enjoys by pursuing gains in parcel delivery and online mail service, it has created big doubts about its future. It’s not looking bright.

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