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Parent fuming over smoking at bus stop

This morning (Oct. 11) I had a very disappointing situation happen at my daughter’s school bus stop and wanted to share in hopes of having some changes take place so nobody else has the same issue.
My oldest child started JK this year, and so far it has been a great experience for all of us. Well, with the exception of our morning waits at the school bus stop.
On a typical morning, I walk my three young children to the stop a few minutes down the street from us.  We are usually about 10 minutes early (anyone with young children can attest to how vital this is to an on-time arrival!) and are usually closely followed by a family who live right at the stop.
Most mornings, one of the parents arrives cigarette in hand.  I try very hard to just keep my kids away instead of making an issue of it. This morning, after I’d called my kids closer to me (with them protesting not being able to play with the other kids), the parents moved closer to us. Right beside us. After considering my options, I decided to politely ask them if they could smoke elsewhere, explaining that my 2 1/2 year old suffers from respiratory issues and I had moved my children away from them in the first place for that reason.
I was shocked when they responded angrily that I should “find another bus stop” if I had an issue. They could “smoke wherever they wanted.”
I realized quickly that they would not be understanding and walked my kids away again.
I came home and called the transportation company to see if there was, in fact, another bus stop. They were so understanding and willing to accommodate, but another bus stop was sadly the solution. We must now walk farther for the bus because of one parent with no common courtesy.
Smoking has been banned in so many places, including vehicles with occupants under age 16. Why is it still acceptable to smoke in parks, at bus stops (both public and school!), etc.?  I respect that everyone has a right to make their own choices about smoking, but I have zero respect for those who take that right away from my children.
This situation could have been easily avoided if there were a bylaw in place banning smoking within 30 feet of these very places.
Sidney Lumsden

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