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Photo flashback for many

Who would have thought a couple of old photographs of the Aberfoyle Country Club, more commonly known as Corwhin Ski Hill, would create such a barrage of warm memories? Not me.
To see what I am talking about, check out Pages 8 and 9, where we have printed many fond remembrances. Due to space considerations we could not print all of them. Nor, unfortunately, did the numerous phone calls I received make it onto our pages.
That said, I remain taken aback by the overwhelming response. It started out innocently enough, too.
“Did you know there was an Aberfoyle Country Club?” asked Triblet Jessica Lovell at this time last week.
We were not only surprised,  but also a little suspicious. Aberfoyle County Club? We could not imagine a hill big enough in the area that would allow for a T-bar, let alone downhill skiing.
Seeking details we reached out to you, and responses were swift and entertaining. It’s a fascinating chunk of land with a colourful history that apparently is now owned by Thomasfield Homes. Reactions included everything from the hill’s vertical height to brief and varied histories. There were variations on the history of the place and timelines, but that is to be expected. We all have our own versions of history.
It left me wondering why these photos struck such a chord. It’s quite simple. Nostalgia. Those images threw readers back in time. Such is the power of photography. Photographs can instantly transport you to another place and time that, in some cases, you may have totally forgotten.
The Aberfoyle Country Club photos did just that. “Flashback” was used more than once. Or variations of, “Wow, does that bring back memories.” I am partial to the notes that thank us for validating that the ski hill existed, as some family and friends were doubtful.
I know I have a vested interest, but those photos are a perfect illustration of the joys of reading newspapers. I delight in the thought of people flipping though our pages and happening across something like the Aberfoyle Country Club shots. Jaws drop. Wistful thoughts kick in. Phone calls are made. Trips down memory lane are launched.
Computers do not offer similar pleasures, said the veteran newspaperman.
Ye olde Corwhin Ski Hill has turned out to be a fun little run. Particularly enjoyable is reading how that blast from the past brought back so many fond memories to so many people.

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