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Prettying up for parties

Brazil and the University of Guelph have something in common.
Both are on the cusp of hosting major events. Both are going into overdrive making sure construction work is done and completed by next month.
Brazil is hosting the World Cup. That country is reportedly way behind in building the required stadiums for the international spectacle taking place in a dozen cities. They’re working around the clock trying to meet the deadline. This while World Cup officials don’t appear to be overly optimistic.
Meanwhile, closer to home, the U of G has been dolling itself up for 50th anniversary celebrations taking place in June. Most visible is work being done at the Gordon Street–College Avenue and Gordon Street–Stone Road intersections. In a way they will be declarations you are entering the university.
What I am most intrigued about is the massive Gryphon going up on Stone Road kitty-corner to the Delta Hotel. I have tried every which way to get an image of what it might look like, but to no avail. Top secret. I have been told, though, that at first glimpse it looks quite scary, but less so the more you look at it.
I look forward to seeing it. At that location there will be no missing it, that’s for sure.
• • •
Guelph is a funny little burg in that rumours can run rampant. One often never finds out if they are true or not, yet they almost become fact. One tidbit making the rounds is about the delay on Costco’s opening in the west end. It was supposed to open before Christmas, then early in the new year, and now no one knows when.
Guelph’s rumour mill suggests Costco hasn’t opened because the gas bar there is sinking. I have heard this a few times from a few people. The company is not commenting either way.
The other bit of scuttlebutt is that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is at Homewood. I received an enquiry all the way from Scotland wondering if it is true. In this case there is no way of confirming or denying, as Homewood legally has to be tight-lipped about the comings and goings of patients there. If true, having the infamous Rob Ford in our midst is a juicy tidbit. Then again, so what?  I’ll betcha much higher calibre celebs have come and gone over the years and we’re none the wiser for it. Oh well, true or false, it’s great grist for the rumour mill.

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