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Public safety big concern in the Niska/Kortright area

This is an edited version of a letter sent to Mayor Karen Farbridge, Police Chief Bryan Larkin, OPP Inspector Scott Lawson and city staff.
We are concerned residents of the Kortright Hills, Niska Road area.  We would like to express our ongoing concerns for the safety and well-being of the families that live here with respect to increased traffic concerns along Niska and Whitelaw roads.
According to a Nov. 24, 2011, letter from City of Guelph traffic technologist Louis Wickline, Niska Road qualified for traffic calming measures. To date, we have not received any traffic calming whatsoever.
Volume of vehicles, speed and road rage has increased substantially, endangering the residents and especially the children who walk along Niska Road and have to cross it in dangerous situations every day to reach school and city bus stops. It becomes especially hazardous in winter and rainy weather.
Due to the extreme increase in vehicular traffic, speeds, and blatant road rage along Niska, such as reckless drivers passing motorists who do the 50 km/h speed limit, running the stop sign at Ptarmigan (most drivers roll through), large trucks speeding over the bridge, etc., it has become a dangerous stretch.
As you know, Guelph Police charged a driver with doing 100 km/h over the single- lane bridge, which is a posted 20 km/h in one direction and 50 km/h in the other.
All of us have seen erratic, dangerous driving along this stretch of road, and you need to do something about it as quickly as possible, please!  There is no doubt someone will be severely injured or killed because of this promised traffic calming measure that has not been implemented or speed and traffic controls that have not been enforced enough. We suspect the city will be liable for accident, injuries or death that occurs along this roadway without immediate action.
We are involved in the Community Working Group with respect to the Bailey bridge; we are concerned with the upcoming opening of Costco that the lack of traffic calming measures will be ‘out-of-control.’
We respectfully request that the city do something now.  What we would like to see in the very near future:
• Reduce the speed limit along Niska and Whitelaw to 40 km/h
• Regular weekly police enforcement at Niska and Ptarmigan, at Niska and Pioneer Trail and along Whitelaw
• Request stop signs Tanager, Foxwood and Pioneer Trail
• Another stop sign on Whitelaw at the 90- degree turn in the road
• Speed bumps/humps along the entire stretch of Niska Road from Downey to Highway 24.
Sandy Nicholls, Sharon Campbell-Claessens, Joe Bigley, Bhaju Tamot
(and the vast majority of residents
that live on or off of Niska)

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