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Rider wants bus stop at east end intersection

This letter was originally sent to Darron Glasgow and Dean MacMillan at Guelph Transit’s planning and  scheduling department.
As a longstanding Guelph transit pass holder and resident of the relatively new and expanding Watson/Eastview/Grange/Davis residential area in the east end of Guelph, I am contacting you regarding the lack of a bus stop at Eastview Drive and Watson Parkway for the 3A bus.
It is my understanding that Guelph city officials claim it is unsafe to have a bus stop in that area because there is no sidewalk or curb. However, there is a stop for the 3B bus across from the Guelph Public Library on Watson Parkway, where neither exists. This is not unique, as there are several similar bus stops in Guelph.
I was told by staff at the convenience store in the new mall at the corner of Eastview and Watson that a representative of Guelph Transit visited the store. It was indicated the issue is under consideration by city officials, but that transit drivers would drop off passengers at the stop sign on Eastview at Watson when requested.
While a majority of drivers make requested drop-offs at this location, there are a few who refuse to do so. Passengers then must get off at the top of the hill on Eastview or at the stop on Watson at Grange.
In both cases, it is a lengthy walk on streets with no sidewalks to our homes or the convenience store. I look forward to hearing from you about a resolution to this matter at your earliest convenience.
Stewart Sutherland

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