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Save boodles, move police HQ to Legion

The proposed misspending of tens of millions of Guelph taxpayers dollars to upgrade the Guelph police station must fill every citizen with utter dismay, frustration and anger (Tribune, Dec. 10).
It may not yet be “empire building,” but I for one am absolutely disgusted at the free spending misconduct at city hall. There seems to be, frighteningly, no end in sight. It must stop.
Should the Police Service feel it must upgrade, then I suggest moving to substations strategically sited throughout the municipality, as the fire service is. This allows  police officers to move out of their cruisers and “walk the beat,” getting to know the streets in a way impossible to feel by cruising the city .
The price tag for the improvements to the downtown station is put at $34 million, quite an acceleration from the tentative $13.6-million ‘pittance’ anted up so recently.  Read $60 million by the time contracters find the usual hidden problems.
Finally, if you insist on renovated headquarters, sell off the present building for condo development (what else ?) and buy or lease the former and now vacant Royal Canadian Legion on York Road.
There are acres of land for future expansion. There are all the washroom and kitchen facilities your force will ever require. There are thousands of square feet of one-level available space for offices, laboratories, lost and found, interview rooms, detention facilities and so on.
Hell, you might even consider reactivating part of the old correctional centre next door .
Brian Morrison

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