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Schreiner clearly states his environmental policies

I was quite surprised to read comments from H. Beatrice Smith (Tribune letters, June 2) after she had read the pamphlet from the Green Party candidate Mike Schreiner.
I assume she is referring to the Green Party platform, as she refers to various commitments from the Green Party outlined in this pamphlet. Yet she complains: “From the Green leader and candidate, I wanted to hear about the party’s environmental commitments and philosophy. I got nothing of the sort.”
Perhaps if she had read the entire pamphlet she would not have had this concern.
There is a whole section “Our Environment” which explains in detail what the commitments of the Green Party are.
The No.1 commitment should be near and dear to the people of Guelph and Ontario – “putting food and water first.”
Mike Schreiner has shown leadership in both – in his role fighting the Mega Quarry to save farmland, and in his campaign to protect Guelph’s groundwater by supporting the city’s appeal of the granting of a Permit to Take Water to the Dolime Quarry by the Ministry of the Environment.
Mike Darmon   Guelph
63 Riverview Drive ,Guelph

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