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Statue new city hot spot

Guelph has a new icon in the form of a mythical creature called a Gryphon on the northeast corner of Gordon Street and Stone Road.
Love it or hate it, the statue should remain on its perch – a book – for centuries to come. Its unveiling on Saturday morning was followed by hundreds out afterwards having a look-see during the weekend. Streams of young and old were checking it out, clambering all over it and having their photos taken with it.
This, I imagine, will continue as long as the monument to the so-called keeper of knowledge remains there. Most nifty.
All of which brings the question of iconic  images of Guelph.  Okay everyone, shut your eyes. What images come to mind when you think of Guelph?  There’s no right or wrong answer on this one.
Personally, I think of our cathedral on the hill. Stunning. Visible in all directions. An incredible edifice comparable to rhose in Europe’.
The problem with Church of Our Lady, though, is some people have a problem that it is a Catholic church, that it’s not universal. People shouldn’t think that way. After all, it majestically sits high on the hill for all of us to enjoy.
Other semi-iconic images that come to mind are The Family Statue in St. George’s Square; the Begging Bear in front of Macdonald Stewart Art Centre; the floral clock at Riverside Park; and perhaps the covered bridge opposite Royal City Park.
All are definitely Guelph. Too bad not all are loved or even known to residents, let alone visitors. Also, not all are nearly as photogenic as Church of Our Lady or now Guelph’s new Gryphon statue.
The one thing the new  statue has going for it is it dominates a busy intersection. It makes a very bold statement that you are about to enter to the University of Guelph. And best of all, it is very accessible, both getting to it and being able to climb all over it as interactive art installation.
I don’t think it will be photographed more often than our cathedral, except during convocation.  However, in short order the Gryphon will jump into many people’s minds first when they think of Guelph.
That’s iconic.

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