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Stiffer smoking bylaw not needed

I am writing in regard to articles in the Tribune about the health unit wanting tighter smoking bans.
Several articles and letters to the editor were printed, most of them about where cigarette butts ended up. Opinions even got into talk of smokers being addicts and needing help.
Smokers do have a habit, but what is required is the use of common sense. I don’t believe more rules are required again as in not smoking around doorways, using  coffee cans to dispose of butts and gum, and not smoking around non-smokers.
Simply use courtesy.
We have so many rules in place for smokers as is. Even as a minority they have rights. To tell them they can’t go into parks or patio bars is going overboard. Common sense, again, needs to be in place.
How about all of the people with colds who are coughing all over produce in a supermarket?
Should the health unit restrict them from shopping?  Germs in enclosed areas and the flu are still more of a risk than second-hand smoke.
We can catch the flu much easier than catching second-hand smoke.
Courtesy is the only way that makes sense. We need to respect each other and our rights as free citizens. Smokers are not criminals; we all have rights. I’ve never met anyone who was perfect, so maybe judging each other so harshly could be replaced with simple respect.
Everyone needs to respect the current rules in place and use common sense.
Jackie Leslie

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