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Stone, Gordon intersection should be tops on city radar

Coun. Leanne Piper bemoans the present parking situation in Ward 5, but the real concern is what the city plans to do about a more critical situation.
The corner of Gordon Street and Stone Road is of concern for three reasons. First, it has already been identified as having gridlock, defined as sitting through at least two stop lights.
Second, the intersection is now the worst in Guelph for car accidents, up from 22nd worst in 2010.
And third, the Ontario Municipal Board overturned the city’s decision in enthusiastically supporting a student highrise development here, saying “the site is appropriate . . . in a very appropriate location . . . at one of the most importation intersections, a gateway to the city.”
The last time I looked, the highrise was to house 1,200 students.
Where are the several hundred additional cars to be parked? Twenty-five per cent to 35% have cars at the residence outside my window. It is a block and a half from the university. These additional cars will also be driving in, out and around this overloaded and dangerous corner.
It would be good to know what the plans are for my three concerns?
Hedley Dimock

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