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Teachers offer lessons not worthy of learning

I would like to respond to the comment that finalized the letter to the editor  “Teachers grateful for help” (Tribune, Jan. 5). The final comment was, “That is why so many students are supporting their teachers in their opposition to Bill 115.”
Supporting teachers in their fight against Bill 115 and supporting the removal of extracurricular activities, trips and ultimately the traditional educational experience are two different issues.
To suggest that young students are willing to sacrifice their participation in teams, clubs, groups, and trips is quite difficult to believe. I know of one child – and to me one voice is all that matters –  who is very disappointed that the time he spent selling frozen food and magazines, and collecting Zehrs tapes all for the long-awaited Grade 8 trip to Quebec was for nothing.
The prospect of trying to become the graduating student with the highest number of service points is now impossible. My son’s school experience has been deeply compromised.
Where he could have been developing skills in communication, leadership, and initiative and strengthening feelings of confidence, self-esteem, and accomplishment, he instead has learned that children are small and powerless against adults who know what is best.
This is one lesson I did not send my child to school to learn.
Shelley Tuff

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