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Time to take city back

What was the point of having city council vote on St. George’s Square with no substance to it other than “it’s round”?
If cost doesn’t matter at this point, then a vote doesn’t matter either. Just another waste of taxpayers’ dollars.
How about we vote on the Baker Street parking lot redesign before the election, too? Let’s make it an oblong shape or maybe a great big question mark since we have no clue. Or did that go to vote already and I missed it?
These votes have as much substance as the mayor saying sorry for Urbacon, then blaming everyone else. Oh yeah, that was put to a vote too.
You know who I feel sorry for? The residents of Guelph who pay for the incompetence of our elected officials. We pay for it through excessive residential tax increases with mismanaged, costly projects.
We pay for it by losing business opportunities because of the Guelph Factor, which is still ongoing (don’t believe the lies that it’s dead). We will be paying for it with the Urbacon debacle.
There will be no money for a south end rec centre. East end commercial development will continue its non-existence. There will be no money for road improvements. But a round square downtown, that can be approved.
On Oct, 27, it’s time for the residents of Guelph to step up and demand a better council. If your incumbent officials are not making the city better for you, elect someone else who will.
I will be voting Cam Guthrie for Mayor to help clean up this mess, and I will be voting for new council representation in my ward. Enough is enough.
Let’s take our city back.
Stuart Burke

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