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Tough call for parents

There’s no Greater Guelph, the way there is a GTA. But if there were, Rockwood and Eden Mills would certainly be in it. Many of the people who live in these East Wellington communities are closely tied to Guelph through jobs, schools and friends. Just imagine if you were one of them and the school board announced your kids would soon be bused in the other direction to Erin for up to 14 years of French immersion schooling.
Predictably, the community rallied to fight the change, and on Tuesday they came away not totally empty-handed. They won concessions from the Upper Grand District School Board that will allow two more years of Guelph schooling for JK-4 students now at Edward Johnson school, and even for some of their younger siblings.
Perhaps more importantly, though, they got a commitment from the board to do a feasibility study on establishing an FI program in Rockwood. Although the idea may well go nowhere, given the board’s financial constraints, putting FI into Rockwood is potentially a good compromise solution to a difficult situation.
Otherwise, some families will be looking at tough options, including moving to Guelph to stay in French immersion or leaving the FI program and going into the the English regular-track program in Rockwood. It’s a predicament, and one not likely to be resolved in a hurry.

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