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Transit system not meeting needs

As of late there has been plenty said about the Guelph Transit system, and much of it seems to have been said many times before throughout the years. Moving the buses from the square to the area near the former Greyhound bus station appears to have done little but give the powers that be the excuse needed to raise transit fares.
We pay big-city prices for a small-city public transit system that is simply inefficient at best and ill thought out at its worst.
I am also certain most city councillors have little need to ever ride on public transit. So here’s a heads up for city hall. The routes devised since the move to Guelph Central Station are simply atrocious and not well thought out. For a great many years now you have been well informed that having no public transit available on Sunday evenings creates much undo stress for those working afternoons or midnights. Cab fare simply isn’t worth it. Apparently you don’t mind taking our money, but you do mind assuring those needing public transit that you understand and are working towards tending to their needs.
In Mississauga, buses come every 15 minutes and run most often like clockwork. There are buses available 24-7, seven days a week. We are not asking you to walk on water, but we are asking you to give a hoot about our needs when spending our hard- earned tax dollars.
Getting to Walmart on an express bus is amazing, but being able to get to work on Sunday evenings should take priority.
After all, no money, no job simply means no shopping at Walmart.
Kat Larstone

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