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Transportation hub a good move

The recent Guelph Wellbeing Forum has had many voice their preference for Guelph becoming a walkable city. A city where its citizens will live healthier lifestyles by getting out of cars and use other mode of transport, where possible.
City council, in co-operation with other groups, has moved in that direction by helping to expand on the trail system, building new trails as well as bicycle lanes along the roads.
The new transportation hub near the train station was one excellent move. St. George’s Square has become less polluted, cleaner and safer. It is unfortunate there are now some voices for an additional bus line along Wyndham Street. Is it so hard to walk a few minutes to get to one’s favorite store?
Do we need the bus to drop a shopper off at the store front?  Why not try to change the mindset, and change to the healthier way of life, breath cleaner air and enjoy outdoors more. So many citizens in other parts of the world do it.
The City of Guelph is one of the few cities in Canada with a beautiful square. I encourage all the citizens try to make it livable, lively and enjoy it more.
Agnes Belosic

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