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Unplowed bus stop worries

I am encouraged by the public’s assistance in shovelling paths at the bus routes I take daily.
The gentleman who removes the snow at my apartment building on Waterloo Avenue even shovelled the bus stop. It is not his duty.
Across the road on Waterloo I witnessed a woman shovelling a path for riders. I myself carved out a foot-wide path at the Imperial/Wellington stop to help make it more manageable.
I have called and spoken with transit and public works twice. I was told they had mostly been done. The ones I mentioned had not been. As a grateful, avid rider I was led to ask when the bus stops would be plowed out, as they always are, including years past when we were inundated with  snow. It never took more than 24-36 hours.
I am wondering why so long this year.  The plows are there, but I do see quite a few unplowed bus stops in my travels.
While I am grateful to be able to manage, I am concerned with the regular riders I haven’t seen since the stops have been unplowed. Riders who use walkers and wheelchairs I know would be out if the stops were plowed.
Joe Longo

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