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Unsafe cyclists terrifying

I just managed to not hit a cyclist. I would have been terribly upset if I had, but she certainly didn’t do her part to help me!
A young adult woman riding up the hill on Niska Road at 5:30 p.m. on a foggy Friday night. She apparently was not aware that it’s dark; that she needs a light; that a single reflector is useless on a hill; that she could slip in that snow at the side of the road and totally disappear from a driver’s line of sight.
If it had been safe to stop I would have given her a piece of my mind!
Last summer I passed a cyclist using proper lights and said “Wow!” out loud to myself without thinking. I said it because it is so unusual to see a cyclist using lights!
It’s far more likely to pass bikes with no lights. I would be happy if the police had a policy of always fining cyclists for no lights or any other unsafe behaviour. Then I wouldn’t have to live with the pain it would cause if I were to inadvertently hit someone.
Heather J. Arlen

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