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Vote for who you want rather than against who you don’t

From what I’ve heard, the surprising shift in seats after Thursday’s election was mainly attributed to strategic voting.
I refuse to vote “strategically.” Strategic voting leads to stagnancy in our political system, rather than change. As civil servants, politicians must cater to their audience to some degree. It is through elections that we, as voters, express to our leaders who their audience is.
Strategic voting fails to accurately represent what our population wants, thus to my mind defeating the purpose of a democratic voting system.
My duty as a voting citizen is to select the local candidate that I believe will best represent and advocate for the needs and interests of my community. Additionally, my duty is to vote for the party that I believe will best lead this province in an upright, responsible way into a healthy and positive future. If I am not doing this with my ballot, then I am not voting honestly or responsibly.
This stance may lead me to vote for a party that is not likely to gain any seats. Does this mean my vote doesn’t count?
Certainly not! Politicians pay attention. I wonder what Thursday’s results would have looked like if everyone in this province voted honestly: selecting the candidate they do want, rather than voting against who they don’t.
Sara Wyngaarden

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