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Warning about coyote hits too close to home

I couldn’t help but be moved by Dave Quinn’s letter about a coyote prowling in the east end of Guelph (Tribune, July 31).
We live on a corner lot in the Davis/Eastview area of east Guelph and we too have had what we believe to be an experience with a coyote, only much more significant – right in our own backyard!
A few weeks ago, around 3-4  in the morning, we were awakened by chilling cries, perhaps even screams from an animal right outside our bedroom window. Suddenly they stopped!
The next morning we went outside and found grey fur on the ground and our chain link fence gate, securely latched the night before, to be badly askew on its hinges.  It appears to us that a strong animal of some weight (a coyote?) had bulled its way through the space between the latched upper part of the gate and the open lower part and preyed on a rabbit, cat or whatever!
Davis Street is the last street in east Guelph before you enter the Township of Guelph/Eramosa and open country, farmland, woods, etc. So, it would not be surprising that a coyote was in our backyard chasing a meal.  I would say, Beware, and keep your pets, even very small children, under close supervision.
Doug Shaw

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