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Water bottler claims errors of fact in story

I read with interest the news article written by Doug Hallett that was published in the Oct. 4, 2012, edition of the Guelph Tribune entitled “City hall pays heed to Nestlé objections.”
In the piece, two errors of fact are made that require correction.
We did not request the City of Guelph to cancel screening the anti-bottled water documentary Tapped. Rather, we asked the city to give consideration to airing both sides of the argument related to bottled water if it was to sponsor such a showing. The city responded to our correspondence by cancelling the screening.
I did not make a “thinly veiled threat to speak ill of Guelph” in my letter to Mayor Karen Farbridge. I asked Mayor Farbridge how I was supposed to respond to potential investors about the suitability of Guelph as a business-friendly municipality if it continued to sponsor documentaries that demonize local employers.
John B. Challinor
Director of Corporate Affairs
Nestlé Waters Canada
Editor’s Note: The Tribune stands behind its story. The story contains one sentence of interpretation:
“Challinor’s letter to Farbridge included a thinly veiled threat to speak ill of Guelph to national and international companies unless the city scrapped the screening.”
Given all the circumstances, we firmly believe this sentence accurately reflects the message to Mayor Karen Farbridge that was contained in Nestlé spokesperson John Challinor’s letter dated Sept. 7.

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