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What is the city thinking?

Now, thumbs up to the hard-working snowplow crews who have done their very best to keep the roads and sidewalks as clear as this winter would allow.
But, thumbs down to the knuckleheads. What were they thinking last Friday night at 10:45 p.m.?
The plow came whizzing by with its blade halfway raised, cutting into all the huge piles of snow at roadside and in its wake leaving these mammoth boulders of ice blocking all our driveways.
Said ice mountains could only be removed by taking the axe to it first to chop it up. Believe me, I did, with a few choice words added to the mix. Only one side of three streets was graced with this action, and the school crosswalk is a veritable ice jam.
Not only did the Friday night joyride fill in the crosswalk with ice, but the sidewalk plow came by on Sunday and filled it in with more.
It was still there, and it is 8:20 a.m. Monday and the children are crossing!
It has been a hard enough winter with the mounds of snow making sight lines at corners a hazard. Let’s not add putting the children at the risk of slipping onto the street.
I cannot physically chop any more ice!! So help!
Linda Liddle

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