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What’s in Guelph’s drinking water?

It is a well-publicized fact that the mayor, her like-minded councillors and the city administration have a ‘thing’ against bottled water.
It may be time to check the tap water consumed at city hall, based on recent pronouncements emanating from therein.
The mayor was reported as commenting in a traffic calming story (Tribune, Oct. 25) that “all I know is about 30% of that neighbourhood doesn’t support” a bump-out on Ontario Street. This after Coun. Jim Furfaro was quoted as saying, “if we are to uphold the values of democratic process” council must pay attention to this opposition.
Coincidentally, Alan Pickersgill’s column reminds us that “about 34% of us made our way to a polling station to give Mayor Karen Farbridge another chance.” So we are to believe that 34% is enough to be elected, but 30% isn’t sufficient to be minded in neighbourhood issues?
In the same Trib, the issue of bus service on Wyndham is raised with the concern about the number of traffic signals on Wyndham vs. Woolwich. However, if there is inadequate service to the upper end of Wyndham, people won’t use the bus and the number of traffic signals or bus stops is irrelevant. This is not long after the city paid a consulting firm around $250,000 for a new transit plan that obviously was either not well thought out or haphazardly implemented.
Just what is in the drinking water at city hall?
Glen N. Tolhurst

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