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Why the lack of concern about coyotes?

While glancing through the Guelph Tribune I was surprised to see a letter about a coyote in the Guelph city limits (Tribune, Aug.12). About four weeks ago I saw a coyote on Massey Road between Imperial Road and Elmira Road.  When crossing its path I was quite startled, but I had the chance to take a photo.
Later on in the day, doing my civic duty, I phoned the Guelph Humane Society to notify them about the coyote in city limits. I was perplexed that the humane society didn’t have any interest to get involved. The humane society has no interest in the public safety related to a wild coyote wandering in the city. After all, it was seen very close to residential areas – should this not be of concern?
At the end of my conversation I had to make the operator write down the information of the coyote’s location. There is something wrong here.
Leo Antonio

One Response to “Why the lack of concern about coyotes?”

  1. klawrenc says:

    We either need to build a giant fence about the perimeter of Guelph or learn to co-exist.

    According to Coyote Watch Canada, an advocacy group that’s done presentations in Guelph (I attended one):

    “Relocating (or killing) coyotes is not recommended, difficult to accomplish and only a band-aid solution. Trapping a coyote and euthanizing it does not address the inherent issues in a community that create conflict such as feeding, improper garbage disposal and dogs off leash. Removing a coyote opens up the landscape for another coyote or two to move in filling nature’s vacancy.”

    How do we co-exist? We need to change our habits.

    Here’s what Coyote Watch Canada recommends:

    1. Keep garbage, recycling and compost indoors until 6 am
    2. Keep meat and egg products separate from composting until it is set out
    3. Pick up and appropriately discard fallen fruit and berries
    4. Do not leave pet bowls outside
    5. Close off any access to the underside of decks or sheds
    6. Clean grills, leave no food outdoors
    7. Ensure cats are kept indoors
    8. Keep dogs leashed and supervised, especially at night

    There’s more information and tips at

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