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You read it here first

Well, the die has been cast as to who is going to win Thursday’s provincial election. Knowing this, I hope it doesn’t discourage residents from getting out and voting.
Over the years, our Around Town feature has been a pretty accurate forecaster of  election results. This week’s random sampling of five people tells me things will remain pretty much the way they are now – a Liberal minority.  It’s also suggested Liberal Liz Sandals is going to be re-elected.
Who am I to challenge our mighty Around Town? And don’t forget, you read it here first.
• • •
Many years ago we went to a one-person play at River Run Centre. It was on the main stage, but attendance was painfully sparse. The show went on, as they say, and it was a terrific performance. We left wishing more had seen it.
All of which leads to, in a roundabout way, Thursday’s provincial election. I attended Saturday’s NDP rally when leader Andrea Horwath passed through town in support of local candidate James Gordon.
It was not a big crowd, but it was an enthusiastic crowd. Even the most apolitical could not help but be impressed by the passion expressed by party supporters.
They’re true believers, just like backers of other parties, their candidates and their leaders. Election rallies are wonderful.
Partisan party supporters unabashedly express their political beliefs with great zeal. They are sights to behold and to be admired – if not for their political ideals, then for their dedication.
Our candidates are in it to win it, of course. More importantly, they are running for office because they truly believe their  policies can make a difference. Don’t agree with all of them, but good on them for stepping into the spotlight, as it were.
Take a bow James, Liz, Anthony, Michael and Juanita. You deserve our gratitude.
Back to that lone actor working his heart out for the few in attendance. Our local candidates do pretty much the same thing. They’re dancing as fast as they can, offering themselves up for the betterment of Guelph and Ontario.
Yet there appears to be no audience for politics these days. Prove me wrong and give them a vote of thanks on Thursday.

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