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Photo By Draga Jichici

Photo By Draga Jichici

Guelph’s Sonja Molnar has chalked up her first pro tennis tournament title victory.

Serve’s up for Guelph’s Sonja Molnar

By Ned Bekavac
Guelph Tribune

Guelph’s Sonja Molnar has come up aces.

The local tennis player has scored her first pro tennis tournament victory.

She won the singles title at the International Tennis Federation (ITF) $10,000 Pro Tennis Tournament in Martinique.

Molnar is a Centennial CVI graduate who went on to star-studded NCAA tennis career at Iowa University.

She lives in Guelph and trains at the local Royal City Tennis Club.

The 22-year-old followed up her first pro championship win by reaching the singles semifinals at a $10,000 tournament in Guadeloupe.

Molnar has seen her world ranking climb to 691. Prior to the win in Martinique, she was ranked No. 894 in the world, and that win put her at 727.

On the heels of her overseas successes, Molnar rallied back and forth with the Trib for a Q&A.

Q: You recently won a $10,000 pro tourney, your first. Dare we ask – what was the first thing you bought?
A: The first thing that I bought was my plane ticket from Martinique to Saint Martin (Guadeloupe, site of her next tourney).

Winning that tournament has not really set in for me yet, because there were so many rain delays throughout the tournament that after I won my singles match I had to play a doubles match 15 minutes after.

Q: The Trib is paying the tab. What’s your tipple and where do you want to have it?
A: I love to drink Moscato wine on almost any occasion (at home for dinner, or with friends), martinis with my girlfriends at a bar or restaurant, and tequila when I am at a bar or club when I am in the mood to be feeling “happy.” (I don’t use salt before the shot, and then after the shot I use an orange as opposed to a lime.)

Q: Preference: Federer or Nadal? And why?
A: I like both Federer and Nadal, but if I were to pick one I would pick Federer because he is so classy.

I really admire the way he has stayed so humble after accomplishing so much.

Q: How often are you back in Guelph and besides hanging out with family and friends, what are three must-do things for you upon return?
A: I am in Guelph roughly every month for about a week or two weeks at a time. My schedule varies a lot depending on what tournaments I decide to enter.

When I am back in Guelph I really enjoy going out for nice dinners, or making a home cooked meal (when I am on the road I really miss home cooked meals). I also really enjoy going to the St. Jacobs Market for the apple fritters and apple cider.

Lastly when I am home I thoroughly enjoy coaching tennis. I coach numerous people, from kids as young as five years old all the way up to senior citizens, and I enjoy coaching them all equally and find excitement in watching them enjoy the sport that I love, and watching them improve.

Q: What is the most memorable moment of your career so far?
A: The most memorable moment of my tennis career so far was winning under-18 nationals. It was a very special time for me because my mom and my coach were with me and I was able to play at the Rogers Cup on the Stadium Court.

It was also very memorable for me because I was now able to say that I was “better” than my older brother (Eric), who at the same age came in second in nationals.

Q: What are the three most played songs on your iPod?
A: Scream and Shout, by ft. Britney Spears; Don’t Stop the Party, by Pitbull ft. TJR; Touch the Sky, by Sean Paul.

Q: Tennis grunting. Should something be done?
A: Yes and no. It is hard for some girls to not grunt because they are putting so much energy into every shot, and in these cases I think that grunting should be allowed.

But in the instances where it is obvious that the grunt is falsely created I believe that they should be told to stop.

Q: Alive or not, who are three famous people you’d like to have over for dinner and drinks?
A: Federer, Obama, Oprah.

Q: Where do you see yourself tennis-wise and life-wise in, say, seven years?
A: Tennis-wise I would like to be ranked in the top 50 in world. Life-wise I would like to have a husband and a house.

Q: Thanks Sonja. Can you pass us your favourite . . .
• Band or musician: David Guetta
• Actor: Denzel Washington
• Actress: Unsure
• Movie: Batman Series, Taken
• TV show: Law and Order SVU, Chicago Fire
• Food: Ribs and rice, chocolate
• Drink: Lychee Bubble Tea
• Male tennis player: Federer
• Female tennis player: Unsure
• Sport aside from tennis: Volleyball





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