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Winter has been a blast

Ahh, winter. A wonderland for some, but nightmare for others. Although not crazy about the season as a whole, I take great satisfaction in seeing Mother Nature flex and show who’s in charge.
Put another way, “Man proposes, God disposes.” No matter who is in charge, we are at the mercy of the elements, illustrated by the fact of being slapped silly the past few months. Ice storms, snow storms, unusually cold weather with a good old-fashioned January thaw thrown in for good measure.
This winter has been a delight for those who earn their living from or enjoy outdoor recreational activities such as skiing, snowboarding and the like. When the sun be shining under beautiful blue skies, the Great White North can be spectacular.
Meanwhile, I am not sure if they are outdoorsy or their brains are frozen. Witness all the runners and bicyclists out there – regardless of the weather. Certainly not my idea of a good time, and no, it does not look enjoyable.
It’s been a real treat for people who enjoy outdoor rinks. There are some beauties out there in city parks and in backyards. For every up, there is a down. Seeing my backyard neighbours watering their rink at all hours and in brutally cold weather tells me it has to be worth it.
This winter has been a financial bonanza for snow removal companies that charge per visit. It’s been far less rewarding for companies that bill once for the whole season. On the bright side, they cashed in last year. Little snow meant little labour.
Another bright side this year, for one operator anyway: she has lost 30 pounds – and it’s still January.
People doing auto body repairs have had a booming business this winter.  Car crash statistics keep piling up at an alarming rate. This past weekend alone there were more than 1,600 accidents on Ontario highways and byways.
Even in Guelph such accidents are not a rare sighting. I feel particularly sorry for collision victims who suffer at the hands of thoughtless, aggressive drivers. I see about three of them every day during my 10-minute drive to work.
This winter has been a blast, literally and figuratively. I am reminded things aren’t too bad when my daughter in Edmonton laughs at  the hue and cry in headlines about our colder than usual temps.
“What’s all the fuss about,” she wonders? Ahh, winter. A wonderland for some, but nightmare for others. Regardless, it’s a reminder of who is really in charge here.

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